Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Typical Japanese food Most Popular

Japan is a country famous for its culture strong. Besides Japan is also famous for a wide variety of interesting sights along with a wide range of delicious culinary. Typical Japanese cuisine is famous even abroad thanks to the delicious taste and characteristic possessed. Various Japanese food menu even contained in the various restaurants in various countries around the world.

On this occasion will try to review some of the typical Japanese food is popular. At least there are several kinds of Japanese mandatory for you to try to enjoy. So what are the most popular Japanese food? Curious? Go see the discussion below!

Here are some typical Japanese food Most Popular


Mochi is one of the most popular Japanese specialties. For food this one is a cake that has a rounded oval shape and colorful such as red, white, yellow, and green. Mochi are basically made from sticky rice molded with round and oval shapes. The mochi cake texture is soft portion and mandatory for you to try to consume.


If you're a fan of the cartoon Doraemon certainly no stranger when I heard the food was this one yaknid dorayaki. The shape of this one round of food but a little bit flat. Dorayaki taste good and typical with a sweet taste, so many people who love this type of cake on this one. The sweet taste of the cake dorayaki obtained from honey used as an ingredient for the manufacture.


Japanese food is the next most popular onigiri. One food is also very popular for its existence. The shape of this onigiri is a triangle with a slightly rounded shape. Onigiri called by the name Omusubi that also you can try when you are visiting Japan or just during a visit to a Japanese restaurant.


The next Japanese food is Sushi. Who is not familiar with the food on this one? Surely most people know. Sushi made from basic materials of rice which is then filled with food resources from the sea, meat, and various vegetables. Sushi is usually combined with rice vinegar, and sugar.


Sashimi is a Japanese food that is equally popular. For food that is consumed in the fresh state or even raw with just a few added spices such as grated ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. The Sashimi is usually made from fish, shellfish, or even shrimp.


For food this one is also very popular with the presentation of a unique way. Sukiyaki is usually served in a pot and cooked at the table. The basic ingredients are contained in Sukiyaki including meat, vegetables, tofu Japan, as well as noodles. If you pay a visit to a Japanese restaurant, then you could try this one meal.


For a delicious meal this one is also very popular, the material often used in the manufacturing process Sukiyaki such as tuna, salmon, marlin, or even mackerel. For how to eat like to bake later dipped Saur teriyaki.

 So had some typical Japanese food yangf popular. There are still a lot of Japanese food is also popular as takoyaki, ramen, okonomiyaki, and many other Japanese specialties.


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